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College student

George has just got his first car and is going away to college, a place which experiences extreme weather conditions. He wants to do everything to keep his car safe from these weather-induced problems.

The problem

You don’t choose your first car, you just feel thankful that your parents have been thoughtful enough to gift you one of their cars because you will definitely need it when you get to college. While George is thankful, there isn’t much life left in the car he has been gifted. It has seen better days and just needs one good reason to tap out and leave him high and dry.

He needs to prolong its lifespan because his parents have made it clear they are not in a position to get him a new car anytime soon. If it stops working, that is just about it. The town his college is located is known for its snow, heavy rains and its blustering sun – a combination that can affect the best of cars when exposed to. His first step in keeping his car safe is limiting its exposure to these elements as much as possible and he wants a solution that will actually work and not keep him trying many other items.

Our team solution

George spoke to his neighbour who almost always had car covers for all his cars. He was a little bit sceptical about how practical they were, but his neighbour showed him the difference between his cars and other weather-beaten cars in the neighbourhood. He also explained the long term effects of keeping the cars covered. Geroge was sold and got his, shortly after. He is now looking forward to joining college.

As he needed to protect the car from harsh conditions, like heavy rain, snow, intense UV rays and even occasional light hail, he needed something very durable. That’s why his choice fell on Outdoor All Seasons model, as that’s the one that is both high water-resistant and has an inner cotton layer, that gives the car an extra patting for protection.

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